In 1997, The SLB brand was registered for commercial development. SLB Bearing Unit and Bearing has earned extensive customer recognition in the bearing and power transmission market with its professional services. SLB Bearing Unit and Bearing has developed customers in 38 countries and regions, including North America, Africa, Europe, South America, Latin America, Asia and others.


·Our sales policy is to set up only one sole agent in one country, one region.

·At present, there are exclusive agents in 12 countries and regions.

·If you wish to contact the SLB sole agent in your country, please contact us.

( We will ask our sole agent to contact you as soon as possible.

·In a Country or region where we don't have an sole agent, if you wish to be our sole agent,

  please contact us            

·If you find fake and poor quality SLB bearing products, please contact us

( and we will give a reward in addition to our sincere thanks.