SLB is the registered trademark of the SLB Bearing Unit and SLB Bearing brand of products which was established in 1985. The SLB Bearing Unit and Bearing brand was registered in 1997 to protect the premium quality reputation that was associated with its products and production capabilities. With the continuous expansion of the international market, we have registered the SLB trademark for Bearing Units and Bearings in the United States, the European Union, Mexico and other countries and regions.


SLB Bearing Unit was established in 1985 as a manufactures of high quality bearing unit products and processes. With over 30 years experience in power transmission, SLB Bearing Unit has developed high levels of technical competence.


In 1997, The SLB brand was registered for commercial development. SLB Bearing Unit and Bearing has earned extensive customer recognition in the bearing and power transmission market with its professional services. SLB Bearing Unit and Bearing has developed customers in 38 countries and regions, including North America, Africa, Europe, South America, Latin America, Asia and others.


SLB Worldwide Operations maintains a highly trained customer service organization within China that includes a strategic supply chain of company-owned joint venture and licensed facilities. SLB maintains mainland logistics center and capability to provide customized customer solution for their bearings.